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Talk Jazz Guitar, Roni Ben-Hur

חוברת+CD מחיר: ₪ 114.00 מס' קטלוגי: 0836 הוסף לסל
קובץ דוגמא

A comprehensive collection of bebop studies, with detailed explanation of some of jazz improvisation's fundamental tools. The pages in this book contain a collection of studies developed that will help you improve your technique, knowledge of your instrument, and a feeling for jazz melodies. If practiced in tempo you will also develop a good sense of rhythm. There is a great deal of material here, all of which is based on actual jazz phrases. Any part of the following studies can be easily adopted as part of a solo. Fingerings and fret-board diagrams are included as well as an accompanying CD with 15 tracks that features the studies in this book as played by Roni Ben-Hur with the accompaniment of one of New York's best rhythm sections: Tardo Hammer on piano, Earl May on bass and Leroy Williams on drums. It is a powerful tool to help you master this material. Use it to listen to the studies and get acquainted with them, then practice them with the CD. You can turn the guitar channel off on the CD, and practice just with the rhythm section.
Chapter 1: Half Step Rules for Major and Dominant 7 Scales
Major Scales With Added Half Steps
Dominant 7 Scales With Added Half Steps
Chapter 2: The Arpeggios Study
What Are Arpeggios and Why We Practice Them
A Guide to Using the Arpeggios
The Major, Minor, Diminished, Flatted 5 and Augmented Arpeggios
In Two Octave
Chapter 3: Surrounding Notes for the Major And Minor Arpeggios
How to Surround the Major and Minor Arpeggios
The Major Arpeggios with Surrounding Notes
The Minor Arpeggios with Surrounding Notes
Chapter 4: The Diminished
The Diminished Chord and Diminished Runs
The Diminished Chord with the Maj7
All the Diminished Chords on Your Instrument
Chapter 5: Surrounding Notes for the Minor and Major 6 Chords
How We Surround The Minor and Major 6 Chords
Surrounding the Minor 6 Chord
Surrounding the Major 6 Chord
Chapter 6: The Minor and Major 6 Diminished Scales
What are the Minor and Major 6 Diminished Scales
The Minor 6 Diminished Scale Exercise
The Major 6 Diminished Scale Exercise
Chapter 7: The Dominant 7 Scale
The role and character of the Dominant 7 Scale
The Dominant 7 Scale Exercise
Chapter 8: The Augmented Chord and the Whole Tone Scale
What is it and How is it Used
The Whole Tone Scale Exercise
Chapter 9: I6/II7/V7 Turnaround Using Diminished Chords
A Description of the Turnaround
The Turnaround in Minor Keys
The Turnaround in Major Keys
Chapter 10: The Major and Minor Arpeggios and Their Inversions
The Major Arpeggios
The Minor Arpeggios