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Blues Straight Ahead CD +Sheet Music PDF אלבום +תווים של שלומי גולדנברג

CD +13 PDF מחיר: ₪ 49.00 מס' קטלוגי: 2104 הוסף לסל

12 יצירות בלוז מפרי עטו של המלחין והסקסופוניסט - שלומי גולדנברג.
חוברת ודיסק הנותנים למוסיקאים אפשרות לחדור לעולם הבלוז בתוך מוסיקת הג'אז. להבין את רזי הסגנון, ולבצע מגוון של יצירות , במהירויות שונות, במשקל ובהרגשה feel , מיוחדים. הבלוזים מיצגים את הסגנונות של גדולי הג'אז : מיילס דייויס, ג'ון קולטריין, הוראס סילבר, בני גודמן, קולמן הוקינס ואחרים

Blues Straight Ahead

12 Original Blues numbers by Shlomi Goldenberg A.k.a Salami Jones(c) 2006
Shlomi Goldenberg - Tenor Sax.; Soprano Sax. on Be Bye Blues
Nizan Gavrieli - Piano; Roi Uliel - Drums; Nadav Lahish – Contrabass

I met this old black jazz musician, and he asked me if I wanted to play jazz. I just nodded my head. "You gotta play the C flat scale". (C flat is the note B on the piano, but sounds different.)

1. Salami Gang - 3:49
Americans can't say Shlomi. Instead, when I lived in Boston, They called me Salami Jones (as in the Jones family).

2. 448 Central Park West apt#1a - 3:45
I arrived in N.Y. with all my stuff, and couldn't find a place to stay. Took the subway uptown, to Spanish Harlem, I get to 104th and central park west. The guy says let's play. I'm a drummer. We play, and then he asks me what -my sign is: Virgo – says I. Yeah, he hugs me." All the people who ever lived in this apt. were Virgos".

3. Bass on Top - 5:42
For all bass players, who work so hard and never get the respect they deserve.

4. Be Bye Blues – 4:42
The kind of 3/4 blues that Coltrane and Elvin would play...A circular form, with a harmony that never stops.

5. Blues till You Die - 4:58
When you feel blue and everything is falling apart around you, Play from your soul. Maybe, maybe something will get better...

6. Bakalash - 2:19

7. Share You're Loving - 4:41
My woman left me. I'm down and out. HEY WOMAN - Share Your Love With Me...

8. Play it again Sam - 3:10
This is dedicated to the great pianist/composer - Horace Silver, Who has been a source of inspiration, to all blues/jazz/soul musicians! It's a fast extended blues form with triad chords and a gospel feel.

9. This is Roy's Blues – 4:15
Roy stands for - Roy Young, the incredible Jazz/Soul singer.

10. Brues Blues - 4:32
That's a tricky one. I put it in front of the band and we all dived in... It's one of the more sophisticated pieces I wrote.

11. Mr. Schepps - 3:58
1987-Harvard Square in Cambridge It's the middle of winter-Minus 30 degrees, not counting the wind chill factor. There's one last crazy saxophone player with his special finger cut gloves. His long fingers flying while playing his ass m.f.,Fast blues and jazz – and his name is - Robb Schepps.
On the recording date the drummer-Roi, gave us the changes: //F/ / / /Bb/ /F/ /Bb/Ab/Gb/F//
I like to use B7alt. Chord instead of the F7 – (Or maybe this is the Cb scale that the old man was talking about...)

12. Brues Blues – alternate take - 4:32

13. Call of the Spirits - 3:36

Hey, you wanna be a jazz musician?
A: Get yourselves some cool shades. B. Start eating them grissy cheese-burgers. C. Be late...

Bakalash     תווים     קובץ שמע

Salami Gang     תווים     קובץ שמע

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