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The World's Greatest Fake Book

483 עמודים מחיר: ₪ 176.00 מס' קטלוגי: 1056 הוסף לסל

Sher Music's first fake book was designed to include all the best original jazz compositions not included in the old, illegal Real Book. Composers include Wayne Shorter, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Russ Ferrante, John Scofield, and many more. Like all Sher Music fake books, it features composer-approved transcriptions, easy-to-read calligraphy, and many extras (sample bass lines, chord voicings, drum appendix, etc.) not found in conventional fake books.
  • Chick Corea - Tones for Joan's Bones, Humpty Dumpty, Sicily, Samba Song, Now He Sings, etc.
  • Herbie Hancock - Tell Me A Bedtime Story, Little One, Oliliqui Valley, Come Running To Me, etc.
  • Yellowjackets - Monmouth College Fight Song, Man In The Moon, Pass It On
  • Weather Report - A Remark You Made, Birdland, Young & Fine, Punk Jazz, Teen Town, etc
  • Art Blakey - One By One, This is for Albert, Children Of The Night, Lester Left Town, Thermo
  • McCoy Tyner - Fly With The Wind, Peresina, Senor Carlos, Aisha, In Search Of My Heart, etc.
  • John Scofield - Rough House, Looks Like Meringue, Spoons, V, The Beatles, Aileron, Cassidae.
  • Bobby Hutcherson - Highway One, I Wanna Stand Over There, The Littlest One Of All, etc.
  • Freddie Hubbard - The Love Connection, Neo Terra, Povo, One Of A Kind.
  • Manhattan Transfer - On The Boulevard, Nothing You Can Do About It, Twilight Tone, etc.
  • Jim Hall - Romaine, Young One, Osaka Express, All Across The City, Blue Dove.
  • Jimmy Heath - A Sassy Samba, A New Blue, Big P, A Sound For Sore Ears.
  • Richie Beirach - October 10th, Leaving, Stray, Dark Lady.
  • George Cables - Quiet Fire, Ebony Moonbeams, Think On Me, Secrets Of Love.
  • George Duke - Brazilian Love Affair, Love Reborn, Festival, Someday, Daisy Mae, Lemme At It.
  • Bill Evans - Elsa, Sareen Jurer, Twelve Tone Tune, Tomato Kiss, The Peacocks.
  • John Coltrane - Resolution, Pursuance, Straight Street, Freight Trane,
  • ...and many more!