Song List
	To the Teacher 
	Learning to Read Music, the Clefs, Lines and Spaces 
	Legato - "On the River" 
	The Phrase Line and Phrasing Touch - "Down a Country Lane" 
	4/4 Rhythm - "Theme from the Ninth Symphony" 
	3/4 Rhythm - "Dutch Dance" 
	The Tie - "The Butterfly Queen" 
	2/4 Rhythm - "Teeter-Totter" 
	Crossing Over the Thumb "Hop-O'-My-Thumb" 
	Both Hands in One Clef - "A Song of Spring" 
	The Scale okf C Major 
	Combing Scalle Tones to Form Chords - "Three-in-One" 
	Half-Steps and Whole Steps 
	Chord Building, Intervals 
	Major and Minor Triads, Inversions 
	the Scale of G Major - "Cock-a-doodle-doo" 
	The G Position - "Sailboat on the Lake" 
	The Arpeggio - "The Ferris Wheel" 
	Eighth-Notes and Rests - "Follow the Leader" 
	"Bending the Willow Trees" 
	French Folk Song - "Clair de la Lune" 
	"Lazy Luke" 
	Cross-Hand Playing - "Burning Logs" 
	The Scale of F Major - "Falling Snow" 
	The Key of F Major - "Apple Orchard" 
	The F Position - "Gull on the Wave" 
	The Staccato Touch - "Jack in the Box" 
	Expresion Signs - "Down in the Valley" 
	American Folk Song - Skip to My Lou" 
	American Folk Song- "Go Tell Aunt Nancy" 
	"Long, Long Ago" 
	Dotted Note Values - "Largo from the New World Symphony" 
	Singing Melody and Accompaniment - "Sleep, Baby, Sleep" 
	The Natural Sign - "The Sleeping Rose" 
	The Pedals - "The Harp in the Trees" 
	The Pedals - "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" 
	The Up-Beat - "Good Morning" 
	The Minor Keys, Parallel Minor Approach - "Go Down, Moses" 
	6/8 Rhythm - "The Bagpipe Bagatelle" 
	6/8 Rhythm - "Little Avalanche" 
	Triplets - "Whirlwind" 
	Tempo Markings - "You Fill My Heart" 
	Alternting-Hand Playing - "Pathway to the Moon" 
	The Two-Note Phrase - "Lightly Row" 
	The Two-Note Phrase - "Marche Slav" 
	White Keys as Sharps and Flats - "Chinese Flower Market" 
	White Keys as Sharps and Flats - "Theme from the Unfinished Symphony" 
	The Sharp Major Scales 
	The Flat Major Scales 
	Certificate of Promotion