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Charlie Parker Omnibook Bb

חוברת מחיר: ₪ 103.00 מס' קטלוגי: 0065 הוסף לסל

Spiral bound book, known as "The Bebopper's Bible"
Over 60 solos of the master and father of modern music. Melodies and chords. Many can be played with Volume 6 of the Aebersold Play-a-long Series. Includes Confirmation, Now’s The Time, Yardbird Suite, Dewey Square, Donna Lee, Chi Chi and more. If you are looking for the ULTIMATE collection of bebop solos from the absolute MASTER of bebop, you must have this book.

NOTE to Bb TENOR SAX and Bb SOPRANO SAX players:
If you are looking to buy an Omnibook to play with others, or to play with records like the Volume 6 play-a-long, then get the Bb version of the Omnibook, so that the solos will be transposed for you into the right key to match what others are playing. HOWEVER, if you are really buying this book to "steal some licks" from Charlie Parker (which is why MOST people buy the book), then you should seriously consider getting the Eb version, too. The reason is simple: If you buy the Bb version, then the solos have all been transposed so that you can play along with records or in unison with others. But as a sax player, you won't be playing the same notes on YOUR horn that Charlie Parker did on his. Think about it: Parker (who played an Eb alto sax) had certain licks that he played on the chord progression B- to E7; but when you TRANSPOSE those same licks for Bb instruments, they are sometimes more awkward to play on the sax.

It's like this: If you play through the Bb transposed version of the Omnibook you could play the same PITCHES as Charlie Parker did. But if you play through those same licks in the Eb version, you'll suddenly find yourself understanding why he played this or that lick in a certain key--it will make more sense, because you'll be playing the same notes on the horn as he was playing on his, even if the pitches aren't the same since you are playing a *Bb* instrument while he played an *Eb* instrument...
It's just something to think about..